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Christian McBride: Artist in Residence at Humber

2017 03 Christian McBride Artist in Residnece


I had the great opportunity to interview Christian early this week. Here’s what he had to say about his upcoming residency at Humber…

JR: Is this your first time coming to Humber?

CM: I’ve done this many times but never at Humber before, so I am excited about coming there. This will be my first visit.

JR: What are some things you would like to cover during these workshops?

CM: As much as possible. I try not to force a lot of my own doctrine on young musicians because I want to find out what’s on their minds. So a lot of it will be question based.

JR: Will you get a chance to work with students individually or mostly in groups?

CM: I haven’t taken a good look at the schedule but I’m assuming it will be more group oriented.





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