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Jason Raso

What kind of musician are you?

Are you a versatile musician? Someone who can play multiple styles with conviction? Sight-read? Take direction? Be ready to perform with little or no prep time?

Yes? Well, that makes one of us!

I’ve always admired musicians who can do this. It’s a skill that I’ve never fully developed. I’m content writing and performing my own music and trying to be versatile within that format. Everything I learn serves the purpose of pushing my writing and performing forward.

I used to go out and gig as a sideman but it never felt quite right. I never did a great job and that certainly wasn’t fair to the bandleader. I’m also a musician who likes a lot of prep time so I’ve never been great in sub-in situations. So, in a way I decided to specialize and I’m happy with that.

These days I’m content to record and perform as a guest from time to time in situations where I get to be myself, but I still work on developing those skills because one never know what lays ahead!

What kind of musician are you?

2 Responses to “What kind of musician are you?”

  1. Andrew Jacob Says:

    This is a really interesting question and makes nerds like me to go the dictionary and look at definitions. When I think of a musician proper, I think of a professional musician or someone with a great deal of talent, consistent with the dictionary definition of ‘musician,’ and I think for myself I would stick the qualifier ‘aspiring’ in front of musician. I’ve never performed my own stuff in front of people and have limited experience playing shows in general, though playing for people is a definite goal; however, to that end, I’m having a hard time deciding on what instrument to really focus on practicing. I seem to want to dabble in horn, guitar, bass, and drums in perpetuity, but I’m not sure any serious or professional musicians play all their instruments. Maybe that Prince Roger Nelson fellow.

    Makes me want to set up a Facebook poll, “What instrument should old AJ focus on?”

  2. Jason Raso Says:

    That’s a tough question Andrew! Even if you stick to one instrument it can be tough to decide what to focus on!

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