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Practice Apps!

This time around I’d like to write about a couple of apps I’ve been using as practice tools.

The first is a drum machine app called FUNK BOX. It’s a collection of old school drum machines like the LINN, the 808, the MRK2, the CR78 and more. It’s very easy to edit beats and change sounds. You can save up to 18 beats and there is a built in mixer.

The second app is iReal Pro. This app reminds me of a little of “Band in a Box.” You can load in your own chord progressions, choose a style and it will build a backing track for you. The mixer allows you to mute your own instrument so you can play along. It also comes with several practice progressions. The forum also allows you to download jazz standards, pop tunes etc. There are thousands of songs on the forum.

Funk Box and iReal Pro are more expensive than your average app but well worth the cost.

Here is a sample of the two apps…

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