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Spice up your practice routine!

I do my best to keep a solid practice routine going, but sometimes you just need to change things up. The last thing I want is for my routine to go stale. This year I thought I would try something a little different. Each month I will choose a different player to study. Now, it doesn’t have be a bass player. For example, in March I plan on tackling guitarist Wes Montgomery!

January I went with bassist Gary Willis (Tribal Tech) and learned some different concepts and grooves. This month (February) I’ve been studying the great Canadian bassist Alain Caron. His playing is intense to say the least and it’s been a real challenge for me, which is great news! You should be challenging yourself with practice.

My favourite Alain tune is “Had to Go” from 1993’s Le Band. This week I decided to give it a shot…

Next time we’ll look at apps I’ve been using to spice things up!

See you next time!


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