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Jay Walking

Since the blog is titled “Jay Walking” I figured it was time to touch on walking bass lines. Walking is something I work on a lot with students. At a recent clinic we talked about some basic approaches to get started…

The following PDF shows five lines of a 2514 progression in the key of C. (Dm7 – G7 – Cmaj7 – Fmaj7) Progressions like this are fairly common in jazz standards but also many other styles.

Line 1 uses only chord tones.

Line 2 places a chromatic passing tone on beat 4.

Line 3 uses scale tones from the key of C.

Line 4 uses a dominant approach tone. (Beat 4 is the 5th of the note on beat 1 of the next bar.)

Line 5 uses some rhythmic variations.

Give it a try and keep swingin’!

Here is the PDF…

Walking Bass – 2514

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